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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Everything in Life Relates to Gilmore Girls

I have firmly believed for many years that everything in life relates to Gilmore Girls. If you have ever seen this show, if you have spent hours watching episode after episode with your sister, if you have turned on Gilmore Girls when the house is too quiet to hear the chatter of the friendly voices, if that show makes you feel at home no matter where in the world you are; then you know exactly what I mean.

This show is widely known for the way Lorelai and Rory are able to talk non-stop about anything. If you can picture these two women in a room with four others just like them, then you can get a pretty good picture of what it’s like when my sisters and I get together.  To an outsider this may seem chaotic and disorderly, perhaps resembling the hens in a hen house all clucking at once, it might seem like 6 or 7 conversations going on at once, but to us, we know exactly what everyone is talking about and we follow with perfect cohesion.

The many dramas and ups and downs that these two women go through relate well to those in my life, and my sisters’ lives.  Sometimes there are moments when we are sharing a particular experience and one of us can share a similar example from Gilmore Girls. This is especially true when talking about dating.

These are a few lessons I have learned about dating through Gilmore Girls:

-          End the conversation by saying something that dazzles him, flip your hair, then turn and walk away,

-          If you’re too available, he’s never asking you out,

-          It’s definitely ok to eat food in front of him, just don’t eat like a slob,

-          Boys like smart girls,

-          It’s good to talk about you, that’s why he asked you out

-          Avoid telling your parents who you’re dating, unless your mum is cool then tell her everything,

-          Be your best but don’t pretend that you’re perfect,

-          Never date your daughter’s teacher,

-          And, the ideal outfit is one that you have carefully selected to look like you just threw it on.

One of the most important lessons we have been learning is that like in Gilmore Girls, nothing in life goes as you planned it, and no relationship is perfect. Mistakes are part of life and its ok to make them. If you have sisters, friends or your mum around you then you have the best support network and team of cheer leaders you could possibly find.


  1. I loved this!! Soooo clever and great advice, especially the part about the outfit. So true. "I totally just threw this on...." after trying on fifty thousand other things :)

  2. Hahaha, I love Gilmore Girls!! Me, my sisters and mum went away for a weekend together once and just ended up spending the whole time watching a couple of seasons of Gilmore Girls. Even though we'd already seen it and we were staying in beautiful Byron Bay, it totally came first!
    And our conversations are exactly the same. But never us :)