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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Fifties and Now

I once read an article about dating in the 1950s. I have often thought about it since then and about all of the things that have changed. There are new ways to contact each other, people are asked out differently. Then, the men always did the asking and now a woman can too. Then a lady was expected to respond immediately to a date invitation, but now you want to make sure you aren't too keen. Then he would always meet the parents when he picked her up on the first date, but now meeting the parents means serious business.

So much has changed... absolutely everything is different! But I also believe that everything is still exactly the same.

A lady should still do her dressing in her boudoir, because yes it does help to keep your allure. And no you shouldn't use the car mirror to fix your make-up because even today it'll probably annoy him and yes he needs it for driving. No you shouldn't sit in awkward positions. If you chew gum, please do it silently. And no, you shouldn't be sentimental because men still don't like tears in public places.

Every girl today wants to be treated like a lady, and every good guy today wants to be a gentlemen and show her that he will treat her well.

Like in the 50s, girls today definitely want him to ask her out, and he certainly wants to do the asking. Every girl still wants a well dressed gentlemen to pull up in front of her home in the early evening. She still wants him to come to the door. If it's raining he offers an umbrella and walks her to the passenger side of the car where he opens the door. She notices his car is spotless. They take the scenic route to dinner where he has reserved a table. Conversation flows naturally and after dessert he pays for the meal. At the end of the date he drives her home and walks her to the door where he thanks her with a warm smile and departs.

Maybe today all of this happens while both are wearing nice jeans and a shirt instead of Sunday best, and maybe he doesn't meet your parents on the first date. But even today there are still many gentlemen out there who will treat a girl just like a lady.

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