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Friday, 7 June 2013

Hiring a dvd again?

Do you ever run out of date ideas? Well I know I do. If you're anything like me then you pretty much go to the same kinds of places and do the same sort of things each weekend. Either with your date or with your long term partner, we can all get stuck in a dating rut.

So I'm speaking to you, those of you who just don't know what on earth you're going to do this weekend so you hire another dvd and get take-out. I know the both of you wish you had thought of something better to do when you're standing together at the counter of the dvd store paying your 1.95 to watch finding nemo for the 5th time. Ok, so you haven't been to the dvd store in forever, but you know what I'm talking about.

I'm offering you a single suggestion - learn to dance.

Go to a dance class or to the free dancing lessons in the street put on by your city. Jive, swing, salsa, hip-hop, folk, freestyle, line, whatever. If you do like your date then I'd suggest you pick a style of dance that is a partner dance which you can do together. If you'd rather not be spending time with them then choose a style where you spend most of the time dancing with other people... or just not touching. The options are endless, it's energetic and fun. You'll be learning something new that you can do together. Who knows, you might even love it!

Go on, look up classes near you. You wont regret it!


  1. I love to dance! Its lots of fun to go on dancing dates!

  2. Awesome idea!! I used to love doing this pre-kids... If i could just convince my sisters to babysit for me, maybe I could still love it now. Hint hint Anna :)