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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Make-Up Tips - HAC yourself flawless

Okay, so you're going somewhere that is guaranteed to be swarming with potential dates and you have just GOT to look your best.

Here is what you need to know.

Highlight and Contour your face. They're calling it 'HAC' in Pinterest land. If you aren't on Pinterest, get on there. Stat.

Anyway, so the idea is that you use your ordinary makeup items (you can use the specific products she suggests or just use what you have) to contour your face so that you have a much more flattering look. And it's simple! I can do it, therefore, simple :) It's perfect for dates, photo shoots, or just going to work when you want to look hotter. And who doesn't want to spend five minutes making themselves look hotter.

This girl is already gorgeous on the left, but look how with a few simple make up tips her face looks so much better:
Click the picture above to follow the link to her website where you can see a few pictures and at the bottom there is a video where you can do it step by step with her. Get ready to change your life :)

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