Sisters Keeping Love Alive

Meet the Sisters


Oldest and wisest of the siblings. Lenora has been married for almost ten years, has three beautiful children (Ryan, Luke and Emma) and a wonderful husband (Andrew). They have lived all over Queensland so Lenora really knows how to grasp opportunities to make her life beautiful wherever she goes. She has lived in remote indigenous communities and big hustling cities. She now lives near the beach and loves spending time there with her family. She is a great example of capturing the small moments to keep love alive.


Katrina is next in line. Katrina has been married for four and a half years, has one little boy (Noah) and another on the way. Katrina and her husband Josh love spontaneous activities and holding hands, tickling, and teasing each other. With the second baby due, they have been making plans to ensure they are able to make time to keep love real and the fires burning despite the new adventures life brings. Katrina plans a lot of at home dates so she has some fun ideas of how to make 'watching a movie' together seem a little more romantic. Stay tuned.

Rachel is married to Andrew, brother of the other girls. She is just as much one of the sisters as the others, though, and is just as crazy in love. Rachel has two beautiful girls (Cassidy and Grace) and has a booming little business making gorgeous children's clothes. She and Andrew work hard and play hard. They call each other 'babe' and laugh all the time. They are a great example of simple loving gestures and not getting bogged down in the nitty gritty but enjoying the important things. They love exercise, their family, and doing things together. Rachel is originally from New Zealand, but we don't hold that against her... much.

Anna is hot on the dating scene! She is artisticly talented and a brilliant seamstress - she has been known to make a dress in a day stress free! Anna is fun loving yet serious, intelligent yet silly, and confident yet coy. Anna is popular with the boys, so we are excited to hear the crazy adventures she has as she plans, is invited on, and dresses up for limitless dates. Her date ideas are incredible! She will be full of stories and fun ideas for those of you who are keeping love in your lives whilst still looking to snag 'the one'. Hair, makeup, clothes, movie reviews. You can expect a lot from this girl.

Natalie is also a hot commodity who is still in search of her Mr Right. She is a budding personal trainer and counsellor, so she can train you out of any issue :) Natalie is super flirty and up for anything fun. These two traits combined mean that she can't seem to NOT get a date. Natalie will be providing dating tips, stories and anectdotes. She will share ideas including how to get a date (and how to scare them off), fun things to do on dates, and clothing, makeup and hair ideas. Her tips will be sure to keep some love in your life.
Kristen is the youngest of the sisters. She is just starting her new adventure in the USA with her brand new husband, Jacob. Kristen met her Prince Charming when she was on exchange in Canada and it has been quite the romantic journey. She will share with us the good, the bad and the ugly as she trials new ways of keeping love alive in a new marriage. Kristen will be doing a lot of travelling this year, so her ideas come to you from at least 12 different countries and will have some foreign flavour. Kristen loves to steal the spotlight - she loves inspiring others, dancing, singing, swimming, and cookoffs (as long as she's winning) so her ideas are sure to be full of bright, colourful, craziness!

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  1. what a lovely way to re-meet all your family Kristen... looking forward to following the journey of "Love" with you all....