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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Romance of an Old Style Dance

I play in a band and one of the regular performances that we do is an old style dance. 

Features of the night are swing and rock and roll music and dances such as the Pride of Erin and the Progressive Barn Dance. Now I must admit, the average age of the people who attend is what may be described as ‘mature’. Despite this, I love sitting on the stage watching the couples, some of who have obviously been married for many years and the way the spend time together. Things I have noticed about the couples who seem happy and content with each other are
1.     They spend the night at each other’s sides. They walk in together, they dance together, they sit next to each other, usually side by side holding hands with the other person. Then at the end of the night together they bid farewell and arm in arm they walk out together.
2.     When they dance they focus on each other. They have little moves they have worked out together that they add to make their style individual. They are unconcerned about how the other couples dance. They are there to dance with the other person and that is enough.

3.     They are thoughtful of each other. Though out the night one person may get a drink for the other or lead them to the bathroom and wait outside for them. They make sure the other person is feeling well and having a good time.
4.     The obviously enjoy each other’s company and are happy to be spending the night together.
How nice to be able to spend your retirement years with a person that you love, respect and adore. I have a few years yet but I look forward to it. J


  1. Awww... I kinda want to come and see the oldies! And listen to you play of course :)

  2. Cute, I like that you're in a band with oldies - sounds like lots of fun and probably a few squeaks from things other than the instruments.