Sisters Keeping Love Alive

Monday, 6 May 2013

Love is in the air!

So when you first get married you are generally under this impression that your new bride or husband are perfect. They are flawless and amazing in every way. Every moment you spend together is magical and you glide along on a magic carpet powered by a special mixture of love and naivety.  However, somewhere in the first year the ride starts to get a little bumpy. 

The towel is on the floor in the bathroom again, the cupboard door keeps being left open and why on earth are those socks sitting there? You find yourself looking at this perfect being and feeling confused. How can this be? Surely they must understand how these frustrating these things are? Then an awakening dawns…  They are human too!! And the things they find annoying are different from the things that annoy you. Hence the age of compromise is ushered in.  Yes perhaps occasionally the discussion may get a little heated but that’s the great thing about being married, its just so much fun to kiss and make up.  Together you create your new routines and expectations. The best part is you come to see your partner for who they really are and love and accept them. You learn to appreciate their strengths and learn from each other.  Before you know it that fart in bed will smell like love.

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