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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Things I love about being courted...

When I was younger I always imagined myself being picked up by a goodlooking and gentlemanly American, in his 'truck', to take me out on a date. We would drive around from fun place to fun place and enjoy every minute. He would treat me well and open doors for me and make me feel really special. In my mind it was the perfect idea of a date.

We all love it when a guy does those sweet things and goes out of his way to make us feel loved and adored. I think the Americans (compared to the Aussie boys, no offence guys) as a general rule, have this down (or maybe this is only stereotypical?).  Anyway, I think Jacob (my husband) was one example of how to court a lady really well. I love him for that! I don't mean that your men don't do a great job either, but I think he did key things really well!

These are some of the things he did:
- went out of his way to track me down and ask me out
- invited me out to do something fun - go hiking!
- always opened the car door and other doors for me - he still does!
- observed how the evening went, suggested a new fun idea for a date and asked me out again
-  offered to pay for things, but let me pay every now and again too!
- when we went on a group date he would spend time with me and look out for me but also give me space to come back to him

When we had been dating for a while he continued to be sweet and kind and would:
- always gives me the bigger half of anything
- always think of new fun date ideas to take me on
- listen to my concerns and talk to me about everything
- encouraged me to do scary things, I normally wouldn't do - like bridge jumping!

Maybe I am biased but I loved being courted, and especially by Jacob :) I love it when a guy goes out of their way to make you feel special. I am sure you all have ways you loved to be treated by guys or things you love that they do for you. You know, it doesn't hurt to tell them! They may be wondering :)


  1. I think it's okay that you're a bit biassed and loved how Jacob courted you. That's who's courting you want to remember forever!!

  2. Well put Kristen Hill...Which I am going to find weird to say for a while for some reason.