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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Love at first sight

When I first saw my husband, I knew there was something special about him. I knew I wanted to get to know him, I knew I wanted to see more of him, I knew those little flutters in my tummy were not from something I had eaten earlier. It was love at first sight.

I didn't know then that it was love. But I soon learned that it was.

First meetings are important. Every one. We learn something about who we're meeting and we learn about what we think and feel for them. This is no matter who we are meeting, but particularly in the 'dating prime of life' when we meet a member of the opposite sex.

What makes this funny is that my husband remembers a completely different first meeting than I do. He remembers being accosted by a crazy choir director inviting people to come to choir. He remembers thinking I was forward, confident and maybe just a little kooky. Perhaps not the best first impression, but at least he remembers it. I, on the other hand, have no recollection of this encounter. I was probably just doing the rounds of the room inviting everyone I saw.

My first memory is seeing him from across the room and instantly wanting to know him. I remember saying to my sister Anna, 'I'm going to go meet that guy'. I walked up, sparked up a conversation, and ended the conversation by putting my number in his phone under the title 'Katrina is hot'. Yeah, I was awesome. I wanted him to remember me.

I remember all the feelings, all the flutterings, all the thoughts. This was our beginning. The point the sparked a year of friendship, a year of dating, and a marriage for eternity.

Never ignore those flutterings. They're there remind you to go for what is in the end, yours. True love.

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