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Monday, 8 April 2013

Diary of a Glamorous House Wife

I like to think I am an educated person. I have a degree in music and education and can play six or seven musical instruments and sing to a level of skill where (most) people listening no longer cringe.  I am fairly well travelled and have visited the US, Europe, Asia and NZ, I like movies, fine dining and fashion. So with all these skills the logical choice for my full time career is… you guessed it, wife and mother! 

While some people may feel this is not an overly glamorous career, I invite you to pull up a chair, stay a while and read along as this glamour queen takes to the stage!

Having been married for nearly 10 years now prepare yourself for what’s in store! I love my husband more and more every day, so after 10ish years… that’s a lot! He is my sole mate, he completes me, it’s like we are two halves of a cookie that have been joined back together, I adore him. What I’ve learned is to appreciate the little quirky things that happen in marriage and to make the most of the time we have together, because with 3 kids that’s not a lot!

One of the things we do is each night when the kids have gone to be we have ‘our time’ where we spend any where from half an hour to two hours chatting, watching a movie or playing a game together on the couch. Being the glamorous gal I am, last weekend just for fun, I dressed in formal wear. We lit candles and we danced in the living room and made ice cream Sundays. It was a fun night!  

Another night Andrew fell asleep on the couch holding a drink bottle full of water. When he drifted off he must of let the bottle tip over and I walked in to find him legs spread on the couch with a huge growing wet patch on his crotch… (glamorously) I laughed until I cried, he’s just so dang cute.  

These are the fun things about being married! Having fun together and loving each other. Things aren’t always perfect but we are perfect for each other!


  1. Haha, I would have died laughing if I'd walked in to find my husband like that! lol
    Very glamorous indeed to dress up in the formal wear while at home. I think once I fit anything like that again, I might try it :P

  2. Where's the picture? Romance is not dead!

  3. Woo hoo! Andrew pees his pants. Can't wait to share that with your kids one day :)