Sisters Keeping Love Alive

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Taking Every Little Moment

One thing that has brought so much love and sweetness to my life is this little character.
This little boy has taught my husband and I how to take advantage of the 'little moments'. As parents, you don't get too much time to just be yourselves without a child. So we decided long ago to try to be ourselves and in love, even with him tagging along.

For example, we might not get to plan and go date on our own every week. But we love taking morning and afternoon walks, holding hands - sometimes it's just the two of us holding hands with child in the pram, but other times all three of us might be all holding hands in a line. Cue 'Awwww' here. We find that the holding hands while chatting and enjoying light exercise in nature is really beautiful and special.

Another child included 'little moment' is the catching of each other's eye with a special look. I loveeee when we do this. There is NOTHING I like more than catching Josh looking at me lovingly while I look at him. Sometimes it can be because of something cute our son has done. Sometimes it can be in a moment of silence and we just share in love. And sometimes it just happens.

We also write each other a lot of love notes. Love notes really brighten your day and remind you why you love each other so much. I love finding a special note in my wallet or on the door of the fridge. Josh often finds one in his sock drawer or on his pillow if he comes home at night. One of my favourites was when Noah and I covered Josh's pillow in love heart stickers and notes but he didn't see them because he'd come home late and left the light off so as to not wake me. So when he woke up in the morning, there were love heart stickers all over his face. Nothing says love more than a face full of hearts, right?


  1. Awww little moments with little Noah! So cute!

  2. These are fabulous ideas :) I'm going to do the notes thing more!