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Sunday, 14 April 2013

I am ashamed and oh so disappointed with myself *bows head in shame*.  After my husband read my previous post he quietly came and sat beside me on the couch and mentioned to me the passion and love he felt behind it, he gave me a great big hug and kiss and thanked me for my kind words. I felt slightly saddened that he didn't already know these things and know how much I was grateful for him and everything he does for our little family.

I don't know about you but I know I personally get upset when he doesn't mention how clean the house is, or how dinner was amazing or how good I look today or how he appreciates me sacrificing my career to stay at home and raise our little family.  But how can I expect him to notice and comment on those things if I'm not giving him the love, attention and most of all the appreciation he deserves!

As I have previously posted he is one of the most helpful husbands I have ever seen, he is hands on and helps with everything from the moment he walks in the door and our 2 girls lovingly run into the arms of there much loved Daddy.  I swear they love and adore him more then me! hahaha When our youngest daughter cries during the day she always cries for "Daddy"  I think its because I'm the disciplinarian so am a bit for of the 'bad guy' but I know they love me. :D  Anyway back on track please....

So it was that I challenged myself to appreciate him more, to tell him how handsome he looked every morning before he walked out the door, to make sure he got his goodbye kiss and butt squeeze, to tell him how much I appreciated him bathing the girls.  I know on a scale of husbands he is a pretty damn good one! He does a heck of a lot more then most and I am so truly grateful for his willingness to be my companion and partner in EVERYTHING.  Without making you all too jealous, he is amazeballs!  Up until about 6 months ago he did about 90% of the cooking and pretty much all of the kitchen clean up!  He is always there to tuck the girls in and make up a story for them, he is always excited to take them to the park or go for a bike ride with them, as I said he is amazeballs!

So what did I notice in my little experiment, well I noticed a number of things, we as a couple had even better communication with each other, we talked more about our day what we had done, how we felt and everything.  We cuddled more then normal, we lovingly glanced at each other more often and it was amazing, we embraced every moment we had together as a couple and as a family. Maybe it was because I was more hyper aware of everything but it was a fantastic week!!  I think I will just have to permanently attempt to declare my appreciation and gratitude more often.

I guess the whole point of this post was for me to verbalise that I shouldn't expect so much from him in regards to appreciation if I in return am not doing the same.  I think the saying is "treat others as you would like to be treated".

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  1. This is a really great reminder!! Now I'm going to be hyper aware of making sure I show all my appreciation, instead of just expecting that he knows or realises.
    Lovely post :)