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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Long distance sucks!

Can I get an amen? I love Jacob and I am so excited to marry him in less than 2 weeks! But international and long distance relationships really bite. We decided that I should stay and work in Australia instead of going back to America with him at the start of the year so we could get a bit more ca$h for our Europe trip in July. We can see that was the best decision for us but we have now been away from each other for 95 days! And yes I am counting. 4 days until I see him! This is the longest we have been apart and has been quite the challenge for a couple planning to be married soon so we had to implement quite a few things to keep our love alive and not feel too lonely leading up to our wedding!!

Here are a couple ideas for you if, you too, have been hit with a long distance bomb and are going crazy:

Communication! We used ALL forms of communication that we knew of – texting, skyping, calling, Facebook messages, Google chat, emails, and making Google docs for our upcoming plans together!  Actually, to begin with we couldn’t text and we felt so distant from each other, I hated not being able to have instant communication with him wherever I was. So this really helped us stay sane!
Spontaneity! Jacob would randomly surprise me with calls to my mobile, which was sweet and made me feel close to him even though we were millions of miles apart!

Love reminders! We would constantly remind each other how much we loved each other and talk about all the things we loved to do together, adventures we can’t wait to get up to together and tell each other everything we love about each other.  We remained close this way and got to feel especially loved this way because nothing was physical.
We used who we knew! We also had friends and family members make each other feel special on valentine’s day and other special occasions that we couldn’t be there for.
Basically we just tried to talk as much as we could and stayed up to date with each other. Sometimes I had to ask Jacob to smother me with loving words so I could feel loved by him again. But even though there are SO MANY reasons why long distance really, really, really, really sucks, I’ve realised that it can really bring a couple closer. All you’ve got is you’re words. It really gave Jacob and I a chance to fall in love every we talked and missed each other with nothing physical, only our loving communication. Even though it sucked. Everyday. I know we will look back on this time and really appreciate how our love grew as we missed each other every day and how we kept our love alive.  Keep on the look out for a few wedding pics! I can't wait!!
K xoxo (I love gossip girl)

P.S. We always talk about running up to each other and the airport and Jacob grabbing me and spinning me round. It hasn't happened yet, but I think there is a need for it this time!


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  1. I hear you - Amen!
    Sorry it's been so sucky :S I have a lot of sympathy for you and Jacob and the long distance situation! I did it and it's not fun at all :( And we were only a few states apart, not half a world like you two!
    Good on you guys for managing it so well.
    Yay for getting to see him soon and doing the whole 'movie airport' scene!! :D
    And bring on wedding photos!! xxo