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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Getting through the dull patches

Every relationship has them. Spots where the grass isn’t growing as lush as it should, waterfalls where the wall has ceased flowing, dull patches where the fire is more comfortable warmth than a burning fire. I’m not suggesting these relationships are bad or in a downward spiral, with fighting, depression or difficulties. I’m just talking about times when things are a little ‘flat’.

So I have a few suggestions of little things I’ve done to ensure dull patches last a day, not a lifetime.

1.       Be excited. When you see your man at the end of a day, be excited. Go to him, hug him, kiss him. Gross your kids out with affection. He will love it.

 2.       Dress up. As sexy as you look in track pants with your hair matted up into a bun, it is really fun and surprising occasionally dress up for dinner (or any other day's event). If you’re married, put flowers on the table. I’m not talking massive effort. Just a little vase, flowers, and drink your water out of wine glasses instead of plastic baby cups. If you’re not, dress up for your date to McDonalds and make it fun.
3.       Laugh. Watch a comedy together. Tease each other. Play a board game. Do an exercise video together (I must tell you, this was a crack up. Especially yoga/pilates. Try it!)

4.       Hold hands. I’m such a holding hands advocate. A fun idea is to hold hands together and not let go while you cook dinner. So you’ll have to share the jobs together. He’ll have to hold the carrot while you cut it, you’ll have to hold the pot while he stirs etc. It’s bound to be fun! We actually progressed from holding to hands to putting a hand in each other’s back pocket. Butt grab. Woo!
5.       Say I love you. All the time. In fun ways. Flirty text messages are always fun. Just do it!

Dull patches don’t have to stay dull for long. Maybe you’re busy and not seeing much of each other, maybe you are just bored, maybe children are getting in the way of the two of you. It’s ok. Little simple acts will really make a difference to your day.

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  1. Hahaha, I'm so guilty of being the track pants queen. My husband would be stoked if I dressed up just for dinner :P I think I'll do that!!
    Fun ideas :)