Sisters Keeping Love Alive

Thursday, 4 April 2013

♪♫♪ Let's start at the very beginning, that's a very good place to start ♪♫♪

My name is Rachel HuckfeIdt and I am married, its been 2,932 days since I was last....well single, for those of you struggling to work it out that's 8 years and 10 days.  Its amazing how fast time really does fly, for instance, I can remember the day and moment my eldest daughter, Cassidy, was born and now she is telling me "She's growing big" and "needs me to put her eyes on" (that's her wanting me to put make up on her! Yeah not happening Sweetheart!)

Anyway jumping ahead of myself here, lets go rrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiight back to the start, where it all began...long, long ago in a far off place.....oh wait wrong story!

Photo taken 2,932 days ago!

Its cliché but it really does feel like yesterday, that I boarded a plane to travel across the Tasman to embark on a new journey and create a new home for me in Australia. I was born and raised in a small Mormon community in New Zealand, almost like our own little slice of Utah! I had spent 2 years studying at BYU Hawaii and once I returned home I decided I needed wide open spaces, room to make big mistakes (though I never made any *cough, cough*)
The 2nd week I was in Australia I was attending the YSA ward (church) in Brisbane and while waiting outside Bishops office, to introduce myself and have an introductory interview, I was introduced to a very handsome and tall ward clerk (they help the Bishop do administration).  He nervously joked that he was Bachelor of the year, I politely giggled and that was the end of that awkward encounter.

Over the weeks I became close friends with 2 amazing young women, Katrina and Anna, they helped introduce me around and became dear friends.  While at a fireside one night I sat 3 seats down from this ‘ward clerk’ again and we exchanged glances and winks.  While congregating in the halls after there was a girl giving an ear full to a number of guys about chivalry and how guys are useless because they no longer ask girls out on dates blah blah blah, we all laughed and rolled out eyes.  

This handsome ‘ward clerk’ not being the kind of guy that doesn't take heed of ear fulls like the one just served, came over and while literally wiping the sweat off his brow asked me on a date.  I thought he was cute and his nervousness just made him cuter.

We went on our first date about a week later, we went to a sushi bar and while I scoffed down about 4 plates of sushi the ‘ward clerk’ didn't eat a thing. I talked his ear off and really enjoyed myself, while he sat quietly looking a little pale, sick with nervousness.  It wasn't until about our 2nd or 3rd date that we all finally clicked that the ‘ward clerk’ was Andrew brother to Katrina and Anna.

Andrew and I dated for 6 weeks before again he nervously asked me to marry him (He lost literally about 20kgs while we dated!!!!)  He is the most loving, kind, gentle and sweet natured person I know.  He genuinely LOVES and respects me and his daughters so very much, he makes us all feel like Queens, he is always there to lend a helping hand, to bathe, feed and clothe the girls so that I can do things I want to do or finish off a task I am doing.  Andrew sacrifices so much of his own time, his time from hobbies or study or work to make us his number one priority.  I am so very proud to call him my husband and to share the rest of my life with him, for time and all eternity.

Love you Babe xxx

My handsome ‘Ward Clerk’ and “Bachelor of the Year”